**Fall Equinox YOGA on the RANCH RETREAT**

FRIDAY September 22rd- SUNDAY September 24th

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Yoga on the Ranch 


This yoga class combines the use of essential oils with pranayama (breath work) and various classical asana(pose) sequences,designed to provide a well-balanced practice.Modifications are always offered to make asanas more approachable or more challenging for a student at any level. All ages, beginner through experienced are welcome!

Personal & Group Yoga Sessions 

(including SUP Yoga or Riverside Yoga)
Personal & group routines, specified for your particular needs and concerns available by appointment. Utilizing techniques learned through my yoga trainings, studies, & experiences, we can design your practice to optimize your health or your groups experience!  Sessions can vary in length to meet your needs.       

AromaTouch Aromatherapy Treatment:
An Essential Oil Application that relieves stress, supports the immune system, & balances systems throughout the body- great for all ages. Truly relaxing & healing!
Full Treatment, 1 hour $60
Hand Treatment, 15 min $15

Essential Oil 1-1 Consultations

Meet with Tara Garland RYT, Wellness Consultant to discuss your wellness goals and how the powerful, potent, & natural essential oils, supplements, & products by DoTerra can help you achieve them.    1/2 hour   *Free*        

Tara Garland- Registered Yoga Teacher, Wellness Consultant, AromaTouch Provider

Tara, of Wild Orchid Wellness(WOW), is a Registered Yoga Instructor, Wellness Consultant, & Certified AromaTouch Provider. She has a passion for natural healing methods and helping to empower people to have an active role in their own health care. Through the holistic practices of yoga & essential oils, Tara aims to help everyone find balance throughout their life- body, mind, & spirit

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